Artwork by L Rowan
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Paul McNeil is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter originally from Baltimore, Maryland, now living in Hagerstown, Maryland.

After releasing his solo debut, RT.26 Snow Emergency Route in February of 2001, Paul decided to take a different approach to music.

"I started listening to some of the old-timey music, blues, bluegrass, folk from the 20's on and realized that there is a lot more you can say with simplicity", Paul said in a recent interview with an online music source. "What I hope to give to the audience is an evening of exploration. I want people to hear things in a different way. I want them to hear the guitar as they've never heard it before."

Paul started creating a repertoire of all acoustic music, mixing the spirit of the older music with a set of material through today's music. The result is a great mix of old and new presented in a way that you haven't heard before.

At Paul's shows you will hear a very wide variety of music. Some of it will be familiar and some will not. Paul's technique and vocal delivery are always guaranteed to satisfy the hungry ear.

This just in. Paul has started working Maryland's top country / classic / all around good time band
Georgia Lea & Stone Cold Country

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You asked for it so here it is. Click to hear cuts from my "RT28 Snow Emergency Route" CD. I hope to have it out in print soon.


About the background:
This image was taken with my Treo Phone at the Ocean City Sunfest in 2007. I've been very blessed to play for the greatest audiences in the world. I was standing backstage as the crowd came in and was pretty blown away. I believe the official attendance was around 1,500. I had to make the image lightened up so it would look right on the web page. You can see the original here. It sort of captures what it's like to stand there getting ready to perform in front of people. In a few moments it's just you and your music and the people. My monitor, foot pedals, mic and stand are old friends that I've been performing with for years as is the crowd.

Artwork by L Rowan